Ray of Change was founded in early 2019 by Anoushka Mohindra. 


“Since a middle school vacation to India, when I played with the children of my grandparents’ maids, I wanted to help the country’s large underserved population. I remember my amazement as they managed to smile while drinking hose water, wearing the same rags every single day, and living without electricity. I promised myself that, one day, I would help make their lives less challenging.”


- Anoushka Mohindra, Founder and current President


During the summer of 2019, Anoushka traveled to India to create a short documentary about the lives of one of the communities she helped. Her team distributed over a hundred solar-powered lights, obtained from our partner, MPOWERED.

Over these past few years, Anoushka and her team have raised thousands of dollars and helped hundreds of families in need of electricity. 


For more information regarding Ray of Change, please check out our blog page.


Together, we can make the world (literally) brighter, one light at a time.