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Some frequently asked questions:

1. What does Ray of Change do?

Ray of Change is a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds to purchase solar-powered lights for underprivileged communities in India.

2. Where are the lamps going to?

The lamps are currently going to our community of focus, located in Hoshiarpur, Punjab in India. We plan to expand our area focus in the future.

3. How much is one lamp/how much should I donate to give one lamp?

One lamp costs our nonprofit about $8.

4. Where do the lamps come from?

We've partnered with MPOWERED to receive their Luci lamps. Check them out at

5. Why should I donate to this nonprofit as opposed to others?

Ray of Change devotes an estimated 90% of funds to our lamps, as opposed to other nonprofits which may spend a lot on resources and volunteers. This way, we guarantee the most impact from your donation.

6. How do I donate?

Check out our donations page, which has a QR code one can scan with their phone to donate.

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