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An Update on Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus struck the world earlier this year putting the entire globe in a state of lockdown and panic. This global pandemic especially affects third world countries such as India where many people don’t have clean living conditions or access to drinking water. As of June 15, there are 342,000 cases and 10,000 people have died.

Majority of India’s population is in poverty. Though India is in a state of lockdown, most of the poor live in homes that are too cramped and dark to stay inside all day, which can cause them to stay out, or with other people, allowing viruses and disease to spread rapidly. One solution to this problem is supplying those in need with solar powered lamps since that will help them see at night or in their dark homes. At Ray of Change we raise money so that we can help those who can’t afford lighting so that they can be able to keep safe during these tough times.



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