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Finding the Right Solution

When Ray of Change was first founded, Anoushka, our president, had to come up with an effective solution to provide lighting to communities. Today, we use donations to purchase solar-powered lights, however, at the time, kerosene lamps were researched to be a very common solution used by underprivileged communities in need of lighting. Electricity was also another option.

But kerosene lamps are not effective solutions for multiple reasons.

First, “a single kerosene lantern burns for an average of four hours a day”. Four hours is not a long enough time for the people who need lighting in their homes. Solar lighting lasts much longer, which is an important aspect of the lamp.

In addition, “indoor air pollution from kerosene wick lamps can cause fatal respiratory problems.” Many of these communities already struggle with health problems and are affected by air pollution, so this would worsen their health.

While electricity seems like an option for these communities, solar lamps are better. The main reason why solar is better than electricity is that solar is more cost-efficient. Consistent payments for lightning was not an option, and donations would not be able to cover the cost of installation.

Anyone can help provide solar-powered lamps to underprivileged people in India by donating here:



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