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How You Can Help: Men in the Slum Communities

Upon first glance, all you see are a few Indian men standing around each other. By simply glancing at them, you don’t understand their story. Anoushka, the founder of Ray of Change, spoke to a few of these men about their lives. What she found out would be shocking to most listeners.

She found out that they work extremely labor-intensive jobs. While they spend all of their energy working, they are also scorched by the strong Indian sun. One of these men has a 4-year-old son. Unfortunately, the son has to stay at home all alone, so that his father can make some money as a rickshaw driver. The 4-year-old is not usually safe because he has to stay by himself and in a small, dark space. They are so poor that they store the rickshaw in a “garage” that is just an abandoned hut. Providing light to this man’s family means that his son can stay at home safely.

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