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Ray of Change: The Movie

While traveling to India, Anoushka was able to film her experiences and interactions with local people. With her footage, she was able to make a film, Ray of Change. This film depicts the hardships many poor Indians face in their day to day lives. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t aid these people. Without the necessary resources to live, these people and their families struggle to survive. Some of their problems include food shortages, dirty drinking water, and the focus of the film: lack of proper lighting. Often overlooked is the ability to see inside your home once it gets dark. These people, however, don’t have that privilege.

The film was extremely successful in portraying this struggle, and even won awards. Our nonprofit, Ray of Change, helps these people by raising money to donate solar powered lamps to them. These lamps are life changing because these people can now see inside their homes at night, increasing safety and decreasing fire hazards that can come from other alternative, such as kerosene lamps.

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