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Slums In Need: You Donation Makes A Difference

Ray of Change aims to aid the underprivileged in India. The living conditions of the poor are appalling. As of 2013, 26 million Indians lived in dirty conditions. Many of these people live in slums, which is a name given to a specific environment that has degrading conditions. According to The Guardian, slums are “a settlement of at least 60 households deemed unfit for human habitation.” There are slums in 4,000 towns in India.

The slums that Ray of Change works with have more than 150 homes. Each of these cramped huts hold families of ten or more. Most families avoid staying inside their homes because of how dark and cramped they are. A major struggle with living in these environments is the lack of light and electricity. With the money raised from our amazing donors we purchase and donate easy to use lamps to communities in need, lighting up homes and lives.

Pictured below is a mother holding one of the lights given to her home. Thanks to our donors, her very young children are now able to stay at home and remain safe from the busy highway they live right next to.



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